Saturday, August 2, 2008

For a limited time, I put a link to our fundraising page up! It is for the 5K we pariticpate in to raise money in our son's name. I like this blog to remain pretty anonymous, and on the link to his page are pictures of us, of him and so forth. This 5K means a lot to us. The funds go directly to an organization dedicated to helping families dealing with stillbirth and infant loss. They are the organization we worked with to get our daughter here safely. I honestly believe without them, we would not have her. She had a cord issue as well and the MissingGRACE orgainzation had given me all of the tools to get her here. I had the best of the best doctors working with me thanks to them and particpated in stillbirth prevention research, thanks to them. Please, if you can, donate to us. Read the page we created for will see how much it means to us.

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