Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A few years ago, I mentioned the 5K walk/run benfitting a local foundation. In 2006, the year we lost our son, it was the first year of the event.

I worked days on making team tshirts for everyone. I poured a lot into those tshirts. With each one completed, it made me feel good. Like I was doing something for him. That year, we were the only group to have team tshirts. Honestly, I felt a little silly with it at first, since no one did it. I thought at things like this people made tshirts. Whenever I have done Race for the Cure, people have team shirts. So, I thought people would have these at this event too. But no one did. Except us. The directors of the 5K loved it and a picture of my hub and dad in their shirts even made their website and information card for the 2007 5k. I didn't feel so silly then.

At our support group we attended that summer, I was talking to a new couple and I mentioned Curtis' name and the woman's eyes lit up and she said "Hey! Are you guys Team Curtis? We saw the shirts you made, we are going to make some for our daughter...." It was kind of like being famous. Not so silly anymore.

At the 2007 walk? It was CRAZY to go there and see team after team with their shirts. My dad looked around and said "look at what you started."

It was pretty cool. So, I take a pretty big pleasure in knowing that we were the first ones to honor our child that way. Each year the 5K has grown with more and more people. We are never going to be the top fund raisers, or have the fanciest shirts. (I choose to make them myself as opposed to ordering them. It makes me feel good knowing I did them. But, since I have the creativity and crafty-ness of a rock, iron transfers will have to do!) But....we were the first to honor our son this way and lead the way for others to do that same.

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