Saturday, July 3, 2010

I just recievied this email from a co-worker:

I "hang out" on an american pregnancy discussion board with other moms due in August. A couple days ago a woman at 35 weeks asked about reduction in movement and everyone on the board was like, it's normal, not enough room, etc, etc. So I jumped in and shared your story about Curtis and said that you were a strong advocate of doing kick counts and any change in pattern could be a sign. Well the woman took my advice, didn't feel baby a lot yesterday, followed her instinct and went to the hospital, had decelerations so they did a c-section - cord was twice around the neck, once around the body, and once around the arm. I just feel like you sharing your story with me, and me being able to pass it on really helped save that baby. Maybe Curtis was watching out for her. The baby's name does start with a C!

Kick counts. They work. This means a lot. It means a lot that there are some people who listen, it means a lot that in my grief I have been able to 'help' others.