Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet Sara.... I first blogged about Sara back in 2009.

See the post here:

I have followed her blog for years. We exchanged emails back in 2009 for awhile. While we never became "friends" I thought of her as a friend since I read her blog daily. I often looked to her posts for wisdom, for perspective. She had a disease that left her house bound and it never seemed to rattle her. We could all use a little Sara attitude in our lives.

Sara passed away yesterday. I read the words in the middle of the night and my heart sunk. I had been keeping up to date on her condition, so it wasn't a shock...but, dang. I am going to miss her and her posts. They made me laugh, they made me tear up and they gave me many hours of reflection.

I will miss you, Sara. Thank you.

Her blog will remain open...I invite you to go back and read her words and her life. How lucky were her family and friends to get to have her in their lives? Thank you for sharing her with us.

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loribeth said...

So sorry about your friend! (((hugs)))