Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An amazing post and comment thread/discussion.


I love the comments, especially the person who commented on how us baby loss people can be a pretty critical bunch. I know I have been, even when I understand what they meant or they weren't trying to hurt me. And how there are often no right or wrongs and so many of us all want different things. I still have a rough time knowing what to say when someone has a stillbirth or infant loss. It is a dark place and grief is so much work. I also like the person who said when the grieving couple "seems" back to normal...not bursting into tears every 5 minutes, back to work, back to life, even having another pregnancy or child that is when they need you to remember the most. It is so true.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Cassandra and I lost my baby boy Joseph-David on October 15th 2009. I was 5 1/2 months along and it was my husbands first boy. We had him blessed and i balled the whole time. To not bring my baby home killed me. I still to this day cry every chance i get. We honour Joseph and tell our other kids about him. He had all biblical names and names that family member's have. 2 months after i lost him I had a "friend" ask me if i was over it yet. I was horrified. I feel your pain. There are some people that can move on and then there are people like us that cant. Our children will always be with us. Be apart of our family. We will always remember them and love them. My heart breaks for you badly. I cried reading your stuff cuz i feel your pain. If you would ever like to email me please do so. firecracker.69@hotmail.com. Thank goodness your other 2 are fine!!