Friday, October 2, 2009

I am checking in, briefly. Still in the hospital, still okay.

Anxiety is rough though. I honestly expected this pregnancy to be easier than Claudia's and it hasn't It is like the last 3 and a half years of the aftermath of losing Curtis, grieving, Claudia's pregnancy and this pregnancy are finally all coming to a head.

It is rough.

But I am hanging in, he is hanging in.

Trying to push the fears aside...and the fears just don't surround the baby this time, it surrounds me and my well being and, quite frankly, is very scary.

Hanging in, like I said.


Hope's Mama said...

Yep, keep hanging in. And keep us updated when you can!
Take care.

Sarah said...

Still thinking of you and your little ones. Hang in there!!

Mackenzie's Mommy said...

I'm sorry it's been tough. Praying for the best!

loribeth said...

Thinking good thoughts & sending them you way!