Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank You, Newsweek, for writing a good article on stillbirth. How the loss rocks us to the core and how our babies bring us together.

So rarely I read an article like this.


Hope's Mama said...

I have seen this on a few loss blogs now. It was very well written. I wish we could get something similar done in Australia. And more to the point, I wish we could get people to take notice. I sadly think it is probably an artcle I would have avoided while pregnant.

-e- said...

I hope that as my portrait skills progress, I will be able to make myself available for families who lose their children to stillbirth or premature birth.

A very interesting article and one that I will reference for sure.

Cara said...

It was an amazingly well written article. We are on the cusp now, with a memoir breaking into the mainstream AND an honest, no-holds-barred article in Newsweek.

Here's to all the people who acknowledge us, even if they don't understand.