Sunday, October 19, 2008

Deviation post :)

We are winding down our "happy year". Craig likes to say "2006 was our sad year. 2007 was our anxiety filled year and 2008 is our happy year."

He would say this when anyone would inquire when I was going to get pregnant again, when I was "going to give Claudia a sibling". That comment is beyond rude, by the way. She has a sibling. Not in the traditional sense, of course. But to us: she has a sibling. Yes, she is raised as an "only" right now, but to us, she forever has a sibling. I remember when our day care provider said something to me about Claudia acting like a 'typical first born' that comment was like a knife in my stomach. Twisted. Twice. Just because, for me, she wasn't a first born. I gave birth twice. I know she doesn't realize this....and I don't hold any ill will about it, it is just one of those comments that leaves me shaking. Because...well, because she isn't a first born. And it is sad she acts like a first born.

Ha, okay, Sorry for the tangent.

So, this year is winding down, Halloween is in a few weeks and that is the last big "holiday" that is a first for us. Then in November, it is her birthday. Which, of course, is huge.

I have so many reflections on the first year of her life that I will save after her first birthday. And I do know that our 'happy year' isn't going anywhere. It will continue. It is more...normal now. Each holiday will still be special. Sure, it is not the first we have celebrated with her, but regardless in a child's eyes each year is new, each year is fun.

Last Sunday, we went to a remembrance service at the hospital where I had Curtis. It was a nice service, I got up and read a few of my writings about him and her. I am too lazy to link it up right now, but they have been posted on here. It always catches me off guard how much I still ache. I guess because life has continued, the pain is always there but more constant dull ache as opposed to the sharp, hard to breathe, moments of the past. So standing up in front of everyone, reading something about him, it may as well have been June of 2006 when I couldn't even function.

So, while 2008 really has been a happy year, we have so much to be happy for and nothing can ever erase the joy we have felt. And nothing can erase the pain we have felt. I am seeing, more and more, how those two go hand in hand for us. They always will. You cannot celebrate her without remembering him. The two are forever linked. Our family will never be together as it should be. In celebrating with her, we have to remember and grieve him. That is just the way our family is now.


Cara said...

I've been really contemplating that illusive concept of time lately.

Your post brings it many forms and markers to a clear head.

Your right. The "happy year" will continue, but it is kind of unchartered territory.

As for the first / second issue. The first time commented of Bear, "Wow - she seems to know she's a second" I wanted to give them a big fat kiss on the lips. It's rare anyone sees that fact. Even my family.

My nephew turned seven two days ago. He was the SECOND grandchild (Emma, of course being the first) - no-one every mentions her. It hurts.

Jennifer said...

I am praying for you and your husband. My second son was born into the arms of Jesus 4 1/2 years ago when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Through the pain God has done amazing things and He continues to deepen our faith and draw us closer to Him. I'm so thankful that this world isn't our home and that someday we will hold our babies again for all eternity!!
Continue to cling to Jesus,

ms. G said...

This was a great post. I think you really captured the life of pain and joy that comes with losing a baby and bringing a baby home.

It gets complicated for me. I often feel guilty at how sad I can still feel, when I have A, such a wonderful delight here with me. It is tough, and I am still trying to figure it out. Your post helped put it in a wise perspective.