Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am here.

I seem to posting more "I am here" posts and "I will catch up soon" posts than actual posts lately.


There are a few reasons for that. We have been sick AGAIN. My husband has been working like crazy and I am getting little time to sit and have free time where I can drum up all of the emotions it take to post 'our story' posts. And really, any of my posts. I was out of town for awhile for a friend's wedding. I participated in our infant loss conference this weekend and those emotions are swimming all over right now. (Another post for another time. It is a good one ;) )

Finally, in a month we will be celebrating our baby boy's 3rd birthday. Three. Frickin'. Years.

I know I have said this before, but I used to beg time to speed up, I knew it would be better 'in the future'. And it is. And it isn't. I am just more used to it now, which isn't a bad thing and does help. Claudia's pregnancy was probably the longest stretch of time in my life. I used to bed time to speed up then and here she is....17 months....and I am sitting here wondering what has happened to time?

I wish I was a blogger who posted every day like many of my favorite bloggers do. But, with the nature of this blog, I don't always have the emotions to post like I would need to be a daily blogger. this blog is truly about stillbirth and pregnancy after stillbirth and sometimes my day to day mundane life (that I love) hasn't much to do with it. I hope my few readers continue to read, despite my sporadic posts. But I understand those of you who have lost interest.


Hope's Mama said...

Still here, still interested. And about to get a whole lot more interested, with where your Our Story posts are up to.
You don't have to apologise around here. Your blog was the first one I found, out of the 1000s of babyloss blogs out there, and I will keep reading, as long as you keep writing.
Always keeping Curtis in my thoughts.

Inanna said...

You give me hope that the future still contains the happiness of life moving on, while still loving and missing those lost... both at once. That's a gift I hope I get in my lifetime.

mrs. mari said...

in all honesty, as much as i try to be an every day blogger i can't find the inclination to do so. it just doesn't happen for me and it's not a priority.

i am completely into your story and i look forward to hearing what you are going to share with us next.

and please do not ever feel you ever need to apologize. you have a 17 month old to care for and chase around with squeals of laughter.

happy almost 3rd birthday curtis. what do you traditionally do on this day?

blessings, mari